Friday, August 31, 2007

Toddie: De Fact

*Intercom* You piece of shit! all I asked you to do is keep the reactor steady for 1 whole minute and you cant even do that! When this is over i'm gonna make you scrub the ship with nothing but a tooth brush!

Ass hole... he thinks he's the captain of this ship and he has control over Everything! If he can why does he take me to watch this engine!.... One day ill tell you one day when i get out of this .... this gloomy engine room! I'll blast the shit out of him! And ill knock first to say, 'Eat this Bitch!' before blasting him to kingdom come!

Ermmmm whats happening to my hands?

Its glowing! .... Oh noes... the shields are down.....

Help! Captain im being beamed by the enemy ship!....

*intercom* Toddie! Get the Reactor to full power! I need the Power for the blasters! Theres someone being beamed off... Im gonna blast that ship! ....-but sir! The person being beamed may get killed!
*intercom* Who cares! it Aint me! Blasting in 3 ....2 ....1..... Bwahahahahhaha!

-***** The engine room humms in the back ground ******-

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