Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feathered Dew : Body Language

It's hard to figure out.

This morning was... exceptionally weird...

I guess it was our turn to get auctioned. The sun was barely up when we were hauled up from our slumber, kicked off the ground, chained into a line of human(?)-train and being led into a spiraling tunnel.

The smell of fresh air made me choke.

It was a good 3 second joy before my body was attacked by the blistering cold.



Automatically my body turned around but the chains tugged my limbs, forcing me to go back into position.

Against my will I was making my way into a chamber, lighted by oil lamps. The smell of kerosene agitated my gag reflex and I threw up.

A sharp pain was soon felt on my back and immediately after that I was introduced to the floor.

"Get up!" growled the thing that had kicked me in the spine.

I scrambled back into position and we were lined up against the wall.

Before I could reset my bearings, showers of cold water rained on us.
My wings covered my body at the sudden attack.

"Get yourselves nice and clean. No one buys a dirty slave"

After getting used to the cold, I scrubbed my body frantically. I want to be bought.

Crammed up in a wagon, I hugged myself tight. 2 pigs and a pen of chicken accompanied our journey. Haha, you all must have been turned to stews by now.

I looked up at the horizon and saw the barely rising sun.

Quick. I want the warmth of the sun.



I thought there were more of us.

Lined up in the line we did, each with a white sheet to cover indecencies.

My black hair still matted on my body.

I was the 2nd being bought after a pink haired female.

She had fleas. heh.

"You got good body language."

He told me.

"I'm sure my daughter will take a liking to you."

He patted my folded wings and loaded me into his wagon.

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