Sunday, August 12, 2007

Toddie : Battle at Zone Beta 56

Argh why the heck did i signed up for this job in the first place? I should be up there in the cannons! not here in the engine room fixing this double by pass tri-linear hyper drive reactor! This piece of junk is so old, i think earth was still using fossil fuels by that time!

*intercom*Engine room status report!

I pressed the button on the intercom. "Its going at 110% as you requested sir, but it won't hold for shields, so blast those interceptors quick!"

*intercom*Don't tell me how to shoot my cannons! Just hold it so we can hopefully get out of this mess.

Some times I wish the enemy could blast the captain and then ill be in control of the ship!

Oh well this engine will hold as long as its in the yellow zone. This battle has been on for quite some time now. I wonder how many interceptors have been blasted by our cannons...

*the ship rumbles and grumbles*

hmm the engines doing fine....

Why the heck am i down here.... the actions are all up there! Im gonna request for a transfer as soon as we get back to our solar system. With any luck it would be by the end of the week. but till then I guess its this room and me.

It would be a miracle if we get out of this mess....
* looks up *
Oh boy... why am i here.....

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Invader Voobee said...

Kooooolest. Demmit I was just thinking about doing a story on a Star Cruiser. hehehe nice job mayn. Keep the story going. I wanna know what happens.